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The ValueTrack Parameters for Google AdWords

Posted on by Tamara Brooks

Are you tired of doing numerous write-ups for your ads? Thinking about separating the search and content clicks to your destination URLs easily? Are you consuming too much of your time in creating keyword lists? Do you find it hard to determine the source of the clicks of your ad campaigns? No need to worry over such things, ValueTrack’s new features will make sure your next Google Adwords campaign will be stress-free. Didn’t understand a WORD we just wrote? Call us, haha!

ValueTrack had been widely used by individuals using third-party tracking software in their campaigns in monitoring the performance of promotional ads. ValueTrack was limited only in separating the search and content campaigns of a particular ad. It didn’t include any options that showed the source of the click and the keyword used in triggering a particular ad.

The great news is, ValueTrack has new valuable features! ValueTrack has now created the keyword matching option which will help you spend less time generating and tracking keyword lists.

With the new ValueTrack, two additional parameters have been added – matchtype and network parameters. Matchtype shows which words triggered the click. The network parameter shows an individual where the click came from, whether it is from a search partner or display network. These two parameters are effective when you are using a keyword-targeted campaign.

What does this mean for you? Simply, spending less time trying to figure out where most of your traffic from ads come from. For example, if you run campaigns both on Google searches and a Google Display network partner (i.e. Gmail, Youtube, Blogger) at the same time. It would definitely be useful if you know which one was more effective, that way you can allocate more of your advertising budget on the more effective method. Also, knowing which search terms triggered your ad helps you determine what keywords your customers are using, that way you can make adjustments to your adwords campaigns, and focus on keywords that are most effective for your business.

ValueTrack is indeed highly recommended for those who are engaging on ad campaigns online and who are using third-party tracking software. The two new features will absolutely help you out in your activity. Try using the ValueTrack and you’ll see the difference. Not sure about how the new features can help you out? We’d be happy to explain it to you or help you implement this new functions. Give us a call or drop us a line!

Visit Google’s ValueTrack Overview.
Visit Google’s ValueTrack Examples.

Go Mobile.

Posted on by Tamara Brooks

Everyone including your grandma is browsing the web on their mobile phones. We’ve said it before (back in September 2008, Is your website mobile phone accessible?) and we’re saying it again! It’s time to update your website so that you know it’s accessible by mobile phones.

You need to design a mobile-friendly site that will:
– Quickly show people your contact and address information
– Allow them to easily purchase from your e-store
– Encourage them to follow or view your twitter or FB groups
– And, much, much more.

Also, if you invest in AdWords pay-per-click advertising, are you buying ads that show up on mobile phones? You should be. Especially if you’re US based and can utilize the new ‘click-to-call’ feature.

We think you should consider how you can incorporate mobile advertising into your marketing strategy. If you’re a retail store or service, people need to find you quickly for directions or to let you know they’re running late. They may want to quickly email you a question or see if you carry a certain product. Mobile web strategy is getting even more important as mobile applications for the iPhone and Blackberry’s are being developed specifically with location-based coupon alerts and online rating systems. We know about a really cool ‘mobile clip coupon’ application for iPhone that you an get your Vancouver business listed on now (blog post to come about it too), so give us a shout and we can get your business accessible on a mobile phone.

Specifically, we can help your business:
* Understand mobile trends and what they mean for your business
* Drive consumer action online and in the store
* Optimize your strategy for the mobile platform

Can we brag for a bit about our internet marketing services? (Testimonial ahead!)

Posted on by Tamara Brooks

We try not to brag. Our mothers taught us to be humble and always do the very best we can do. But, just this once, can we share with you a little testimonial we got? It really meant a lot to us.

What we especially love about this letter is that it shows how much we educate our clients and exactly what type of results they can expect from our internet marketing services. It demonstrates how we’re long term relationship oriented and clearly highlights why we’re so good at working with health care practitioners. Anyhow… thanks for reading our little brag-fest blog post!


Dear Brenda and the October 17 Media team,

I want to thank you for meeting with me last year and explaining the vast and wonderful world of “website optimization”.

It was very clear to me after our first meeting that: A beautiful website without optimization is like a girl dressed to the nines with no date = a waste of time and energy.

I realized that I needed the expertise of October 17 Media to make changes to my website to improve my ranking on Google. Now I receive a monthly report from October 17 Media for me to review how my website optimization is working. The proof is in the stats!

All therapists at Rebound have benefited from the added business we receive due to the increased visibility of our website. More and more clients say that they have found our clinic on-line and we are selling more gift certificates than ever before.

I would recommend that any business that has a website can trust October 17 Media to drive more business to it and therefore, increase your bottom line.

Brenda, my account representative, has been especially helpful and positive. I feel like her advice is crucial to my business and she will help me to make the decisions I need to, to take my company to the next level.

Thank you Brenda and the October 17 Media team for making Rebound a success!


Angela Mackenzie, RMT
Owner, Rebound Health Services Inc

4 AdWords Tactics for Tough Times

Posted on by Tamara Brooks

Adwords Recession Tactics
With the current recession, many businesses are seeing an increase in their typical cost-per-action. Pay-per-click is an economic alternative to most traditional advertising media options but it’s not immune to the tough, changing economic climate.

So… dum-da-dum! This calls for ‘Tough Measures for Tough Times AdWords Tactics” and we’ve been employing a variety of methods on behalf of our clients to curb this annoying little economic reality.

  1. It’s Christmas & Boxing Day. Turn UP your ads!
    Surfers are still looking for a reason to buy when they type their search terms into Google. These qualified visitors might even be in a crazy rush over the Christmas period to finish shopping in time. You could take the opportunity to advertise “Guaranteed delivery by Christmas” or “Boxing Day Specials”. Holiday-related selling points can be cleverly used within Ad Texts to maximize sales conversion potential.
  2. Cut out the riff-raff. (more…)

Fabulously interesting headline goes “here”!

Posted on by Tamara Brooks

Internet Marketing Health Check
Now that I’ve grabbed your attention with my exciting headline, I’ll bore you with my thoughts on Multivariate testing. Sounds boring, doesn’t it?
It’s not.

I knew that no one would click this blog entry with the headline “Multivariate Testing“. But wait… do I really know that? Isn’t there some way we can test it to find out? What if my assumptions are wrong and you’re super-duper interested in “Multivariate Testing”? Well, maybe I am wrong. But, that’s exactly what multivariate testing does – it lets your customers / viewers tell you what works for them.

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